Best WOW Gold Guide: Get More Gold In The Mage Class

by Tristian G. Desporte

You have to know that one of the advantages of gold farming is that you can get a consistent return on the investment on your time. The more time you spend actually farming gold the richer you get. Bottom line: choosing the right class is essential as the faster you can kill mobs the bigger your gold profits will be.

At level 17, the hunters become even more powerful as they get a speed buff called Aspect of the Cheetah that helps them travel faster. If played correctly and with the right talent spec, Hunters have almost zero down time which makes them the ultimate gold farming machines.

The Best WOW Gold Guide also shows that you can also discover the best new gold farming class which is the Death Knight. If you have at least one level 55 character on any server and have purchased the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, you may want to consider creating a Death Knight. Death Knights are very unique as they are the very first World of Warcraft hero class.

If you are a skinner, you can always choose to kill humanoid mobs. The reason is that they always drop cloth that can be sold to players with the Tailoring profession. Cloth is also used to increase reputation with various factions and it's used to create bandages for the First Aid profession. One more plus to killing humanoids is that they have better loot tables and always drop coin.

Similar to Hunters, they also have various pets such as a ghoul and gargoyle which are loyal companions in battle. Once you finish all of the Death Knight quests in the phased starting area you should have powerful blue gear plus an epic mount that will give you quick travel to lucrative farming locations.

Here are some quick tips that you can get from the Best WOW Gold Guide. Set your keyboard to auto-loot all of the items from a mob's corpse. Always set your hearthstone to the nearest inn to where you are farming gold. Before you start a gold farming session, empty your bags. When you hearth back to town sell all the grey items to a vendor and mail your valuable items to an Auction House mule. Be efficient with your abilities and conserve your energy, mana and rage. And carry plenty of bandages and health potions and use them instead of food to speed up your farming.

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Well, there are just few of the many ways to make some gold with the WOW mage class. Using the best WoW gold guide, you can surely discover more.

Lvl 86 Play Like A Pro Software Package: The First And Only Keybinding & Macro Program Out there

by Pauletta Dell

If you play WOW tired of losing in the Arena or just dying constantly it may be due to the fact you are not hitting the right keys in time. A solid connections between your and your toon is vital in any situation on World of Warcraft.

I check out the LVL86 Pro Software Package because I started thinking my keybindings might be the issue I keep running into, which is dying. Being the absolute groundbreaking macro and keybinding tool I needed to see what it was all about. Trying out the software is easy with a full 2 months to try it and a money back guarantee. In a few short years after I start playing I finally decide to change up my macros.

Macros is where you set up a key on your keyboard to do a list of functions. From casting spells to hand combat. There is no limit to what type and how many macros you can set up in World of Warcraft. Macros also save tons of time making your game play alot more enjoyable and exciting. claims to have engineered the best macros and key binding ever. You will not her any complaints or rebuttals here. After installing the software I used it on a brand new character. Not only was he a brand new toon, but I have never played as a Forsaken Warlock. I always heard they were boring. NOT TRUE. From level 1 this toon rocked. I don't know how to put into words how great this program truly is! I was also having a blast playing as the Forsaken Rogue.

So after a few days playing another class race the Forsaken Rogue. I decided to try it out on my main character a Tauren Death Knight. My brother jumped on as his toon as I challenged him to a PVP match. He has always defeated me when it came to PVP action. Not this time! I wish I recorded the matches (yes more than one) because the first match took about 9 minutes to beat him, the second took less than 50 seconds! I have never, ever been able to beat my brother until I got the LVL86 software package. Highly recommended to all WOW players even the Tauren Priest players.

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Important Weapons for Modern War

by George Solomon

It seems that throughout history, modern and ancient, the greatest efforts expended by man have been directed towards the development of war weapons. It may be a response to man's aggressiveness that wants domination of others as means of survival. He who can command others has the least chance of expiring through extraordinary methods because he has more means at his disposal, including human lives.

Others may argue, however, that to respond to aggression of people with greater capabilities, those with less capacities must reduce if not eliminate the numerical advantage of the other via superior weapons. This was probably the line of reasoning why Hitler developed the Vergeltungswaffen, the V1 and V2 flying bombs, and the Me262, the first jetfighters to engage in air combat. Adolf Hitler sought to counter the Allied Powers' superiority in weapons quantity and men through 'miracle weapons' or, more exactly, 'vengeance weapons'.

Yet the significant world war weapons were not rockets but the armored tanks. In both World War 1 and World War 2, the tank was the decisive weapon in many battles in various fronts: Africa, Europe, Russia and Poland. In such battles, tank formations either captured territory or inflicted such grave losses on the enemy that caused him to withdraw. The introduction of the first tanks in the Battle of the Somme caused so much consternation on the Germans they were forced to give up so much ground. Technology won the day for the Allies at the time.

So the tank became the building block of aggressive blitzkrieg warfare by Germany -along with air offensives--- in the panzer divisions of the next war. Tank formations enabled Heinz Guderian's forces to penetrate very deeply into French territory in the first days of the conflict that they would have reached the English Channel had Hitler not stopped him. The German Army Command and Hitler believed Guderian was lying in his combat progress reports and commanded him to stop for verification. Thus, the miracle of Dunkirk came to pass.

In the American Civil War, among the most prominent civil war weapons will be the bayonet. Although it has been used before in many conflicts, it came to effective use during the American Civil War, when both sides fought hand-to-hand combat in substantive numbers with it. The bayonet eclipsed the sword which was a primarily cavalry weapon, and the repeating rifle which have not come yet in great numbers to play a pivotal role in the conflict. After the musket, the bayonet was the second most effective killing instrument at the time.

Among the medieval weapons, perhaps the most significant weapon -if it may be called so since it is for a defensive purpose--- is the knight's armor. Wearing it, a knight can smite a hundred unprotected foot soldiers without suffering a scratch, fight a similarly-clad knight for a day without anyone winning if of equal expertise, and rest for the night as if nothing has happened, to fight the next day. He is much protected in his suit of armor that he can confident of surviving every battle, until the English long bow gave him his match.

But the long bow is a totally different topic for discussion next.

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How to Choose the Best Renaissance Costumes

By David Lawson

Dressing in Renaissance costumes lets people really let down their inhibitions and express their creativity. This is why renaissance faires and festivals have become so popular.

Here are some recommendations we've compiled to assist you in choosing the perfect costume for your next Renaissance faire:

1. Search Through Renaissance Costumes Found in Books

You can use art history books from the Renaissance era for costume ideas. These should contain some pictures or paintings of how people dressed in that time.

Basically you want to accomplish the following: take the basic elements of what Renaissance outfits were made up of, and put your own spin on it with vibrant accents and accessories that are all your own.

2. Hire Your Own Couturier

Renaissance costumes will only be considered the best if you find the best designer to work on a custom outfit. A couturier can add some fashion elements to a design that will really make it pop.

Having your own designer will allow you to choose preferred patterns and styles where you can also ask for a designers fashion sense in terms of mix of colors, creative embellishments, and fancy details.

3. Consider Online Resources

With the latest technology thriving each day, it is indeed possible to come across Renaissance costume patterns, elegant headwear, and period accessories with just a simple search.

If you're having trouble deciding what Renaissance costume is best for you, use internet searches to find websites for inspiration on whimsical and artistic costumes. You never know what type of creative ideas other people with a passion for the Renaissance era have come up with.

Creating a renaissance period atmosphere is a bit challenging especially if one doesnt have any idea how to provide a real renaissance look. So follow these steps to find and create your perfect renaissance costume. - 30303

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